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Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha - When Ahmed Learned To Think


When Ahmed learned to think, everything changed. Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha or Anjss is an Urdu audio series that explores the life of a 7 year old boy living with his mother and father in Karachi Pakistan. The series aims to provide a fresh approach for the younger generation to live purposeful lives.

Episode 1 sets the scene and takes the listener on an audio journey discovering what awaits for Ahmed around the corner and how will he respond and face the situation today.

It is also like an audio game, where the two listeners participate in a post show quiz asking each other what they learned from the story and how does that apply in their lives and what or how would they have approached the issue at hand if they were in Ahmed's place.

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The Voice Artists

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Zain Ullah
Voice Artist

Zail Ullah is the youngest core team member of Aik Kahani and he is the star voice of Ahmed where he captivates the listeners with his selfless tone, affectionate heart and a strong sense of genuine care for others. Zain lives in Islamabad and these days is very busy as he faces all the challenges of growing up with his family.

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Illy Gohar
Voice Artist

Illyeen Gohar is a voice over artist and voice actress based out of Lahore Pakistan. She produces professional, heart-felt voice overs in high quality formats in both Urdu and English. Illy is the official voice of Ahmed's mother, Mrs. Sabr Amoz on Aik Kahani where she uses her voice to depict the deep relationship of a mother and son.


Humza Ghayyur Akhtar
Voice Artist

Humza Ghayyur Akhtar is a professional voice over artist and actor at heart based out of Lahore Pakistan. Humza has a God gifted captivating voice that he uses to perform the role of Ahmed's father, Amoz Shakoor as he tells the story of the ups and downs of a father-son relationship in Ahmed nay Jub Sochna Seekha.