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There Is No "I" In "Team".

The LFX Team

Each finger or thumb in your hand has it's own unique significance and value but when all these elements come together, and join, they become a powerful "Punch", and by working together as one team they achieve more than imagined. This defines the meaning of the word "TEAM" Together Everyone Achieves More. This fact is taken very seriously here at LFX because we have seen the negative effects of not working as a collaborative team so we decided we will not pursue that path and instead work as a cohesive team with only one focus in mind and in heart, to help educate the young, the adults and the children and assist them in learning how to use their God given cognitive abilities for their own benefit and to do something good with it today.

LFX gharana kids.png

The Voice Artists

Where the Passion Begins

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Zain Ullah

Voice Artist

Zail Ullah is the youngest core team member of LFX and he is the star voice of Ahmed's Audio Series where he pulls in the listeners with his selfless tone, affectionate heart and a strong sense of genuine care for others. Zain lives in Islamabad and these days is very busy as he faces all the challenges of growing up with his family.

Illy Gohar

Voice Artist

Illyeen Gohar is a voice over artist and voice actress based out of Lahore Pakistan. She produces professional, heart-felt voice overs in high quality formats in both Urdu and English. Illy is the official voice of Ahmed's mother, Mrs. Sabr Amoz on Aik Kahani where she uses her voice to depict the deep relationship of a mother and son.

Humza Ghayyur Akhtar

Voice Artist

Humza Ghayyur Akhtar is a professional voice over artist and actor at heart based out of Lahore Pakistan. Humza has a God gifted voice that he uses to perform the role of Ahmed's father, Amoz Shakoor as he tells the story of the ups and downs of a father-son relationship in Ahmed nay Jub Sochna Seekha.

LFX gharana kids.png

The Writers

Where it Begins

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Kashaf Noor.jpeg
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Javeria Siddique

Lead Writer | Author

Javeria Siddique is based out of Rawalpindi Pakistan and a graduate of the University of Punjab with a Masters in English. She is a creative writer in English and Urdu. Javeria has the expertise to visualize any idea and turn it into a reality. At LFX she is part of the core team that writes on LFX Blog and motivational stories of Ahmed and his adventures.

Kashaf Noor

Writer | Author

Kashaf Noor is a law student at LUMS, Pakistan and a writer with an intense passion for story-telling. One of her visions is to become an established author. She is the Founder of Canorous Words and Co-Founder of Aik Kahani. Kashaf is working on the Aik Kahani mission of helping to teach kids the skill of written and audio storytelling.

Yasmin Chaudhary

Writer | Author

Lubna Yasmin is a Masters in English Literature, Urdu Literature, and Digital Marketing and she is based out of Lahore Pakistan. Lubna is very comfortable with kids and she is also a creative writer, a story teller, an author and she is part of the core team that writes passionate motivational stories about Ahmed's adventures.

Ali Adeel

Director | Producer

Ali comes to LFX with an extensive TV and media production background.

Ali has worked with many different TV networks as a writer, producer actor and director.

Ali Adeel also has a lot of compassion for children and wants to play a role in helping the next generation succeed in the field of digital media.

LFX gharana kids.png

The Cofounders

Kashaf Noor ak.jpg

Nosheen Razzaq

Cofounder and President Aik Kahani

Nosheen Razzaq is a seasoned media communication strategist and specialist. She is also a professional broadcaster,
a journalist, a writer, a theatre artist and a social activist. Nosheen is passionate about exploring new projects that bring a positive change in society. She has played a pivotal role in developing FM radio broadcasting and has worked with established media companies in Pakistan.

Kashaf Noor

Cofounder and VP

Aik Kahani

Kashaf Noor is a law student at LUMS, Pakistan and a writer with an intense passion for story-telling. One of her visions is to become an established author. She is the Founder of Canorous Words and Co-Founder of Aik Kahani. Kashaf is working on the Aik Kahani mission of helping save as many innocent lives as possible through the power of authentic storytelling.

Arshad Hussain

Cofounder and CEO LFXTV

Arshad Hussain is based out of Doha, Qatar and brings over two decades of professional media, broadcasting and industrial business management acumen to Aik Kahani. As CEO Arshad works with the entire team that plays a critical role in making these productions possible,

as he designs and executes strategies to make Aik Kahani a viable business venture for all parties to succeed.

Kashif Ghayas

Cofounder and COO


Kashif graduated from Houston and is managing his IT and HR/Manpower company in Karachi and comes to Aik Kahani with over 2 decades  of professional finance and administration background.

Kashif is also the director of a web series Silent Heroes which tells the real life stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The series is produced by Mediaplex Productions which he manages with is wife Mahreen Kashiff.

imransid with enoch chan.jpg
LFX gharana kids.png

Imran Siddiqui


Imran Siddiqui is based out of Washington D.C. U.S. He is the managing editor of Justice News an advocacy group that helps the innocent people in prisons fight for their freedom.

Imran is also the founder of Justice Radio. Imran is a writer, a filmmaker and a musician who utilizes these God given abilities to help those who are in need & those who have no one except the God.

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Work @ Aik Kahani

Join us and use the power of your words and voice to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families.

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