Crossover Film Festival is an on-the-ground film launch pad for the current and the next generation filmmakers, actors and artists to showcase their creative abilities in front of a theater based live audience, offline and online, in America, and across the world. We are starting with Woodbridge Virginia.

CFF's  objective is to build bridges of understanding using film as the medium to communicate and connect the artists and the audience.

There are many filmmakers struggling to get their own products out in the free market,
but the game is rigged and controlled by a few decision makers. It needs decentralization of ideas and execution where making money is not the prime objective but telling a good story, is. This is why a filmmaker and his team put their lives on the line to get the story out. Not because of wanting to strike it rich but because the story is worth telling.

Join The Crossover Film Festival and submit your feature film, short film and Indie films or docu films at the 1st annual CFF 2018 in Virginia and win recognition awards, exposure in the film industry within the U.S. and around the world.

Opening the doors for indie artists from Woodbridge, Maryland and D.C.

Joining forces with artists from around the world

FEAR OF GOD Media official sponsor of CFF 2018

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