American Justice | Day 1

I had always looked at the American justice system as a conduit of fairness. I was proud to see justice being done but I was also brainwashed to ignore a society plagued by injustices. It was after I reprogrammed my mindset, I began to clealry see, experience and witnessed first-hand the injustices that are being done against the black and brown people across America today and has been going on since many yesterrdays.

Even though justice is color blind, it has no color.

I had to witness the opening arguments at the trial of Derek Chauvin where he’s facing a possible life in prison for the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I wanted to see how easy it would be for the prosecutor, Jerry Blackwell, to present a possible open-shut case and how difficult it would be for the defense attorney, Eric J. Nelson, to defend a former police officer charged with murder.

It didn't take too long to comprehend that this entire process will be a charade.

A mockery in display of repeating someone's else's misery just so each side can "present their cases" in how to drag the outcome of this case in their favor as much as possible. What the defence will try to do is bring lesser charges and the prosecutors will want the maximum penalties. George Floyds family will go through a repetition of mental torture, the world will get something to watch, and some people will be made heroes from this, while someone will go to jail, like someone went to his grave.

Then, soon, this will be all over and the people and the networks will get bored or fatigued and the core issues, like systemic racism, unfair labor practices, biased food distribution systems, racial discrimination and injustices against a fellow human being just because he is of a different color, will sadly continue.

Have you not seen this show before? What will it need to bring about a real-change then just lip service.

In the meantime this is where we will be curating the trial everyday until there is a final decision of Justice.

You can also check out the live feed on JusticeNews.Net and on The JBlog.

Seek Justice!