As You Celebrate Your Fake Holidays.

The Innocent Sleep In The Cold Behind Bars Because of Your Ignorance.

November 25 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News. Reader Discretion is Advised.

How selfish are you?

Don't go thinking in your head that you're not. I know I have been that most of my life so what makes you any better?

And if you think you're better, then look again, deep into your own soul and then judge over your own self with the truth.

But how truthful are you?

Melissa Doroquez -
National Day of Mourning - Melissa Doroquez

You know that most of us are full of shit and are joke sellers like the Federal Reserve selling all kinds of pranks to everyone and we think it's such a serious profession. Or like the VC firm In Q Tel run by the CIA funding anti-social, social media outlets like Facebook or like the creation of Google with funding from the NSA and the CIA or the Internet created by DARPA. If you do, then you sound like the U.S. government.

And how truthful is your government?

What kind of a low-life line of presidencies pardon animals and not pardon their innocent citizens? This is as low as it can get America.

Have you heard of the CIA operation called the The Mighty Wurlitzer. Your government plays you like a pathetic sounding untuned harp and you dance with it like blind sheep ready for shearing.

Unless you have become good at lying to yourself like I used to, while I worked for the U.S. government, for a decade, and for one of the worst government agencies of all times, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, now miserably rebranded as USAGM, that run shit organizations like Radio Free Europe and even shittier ones like the Voice of America among other propaganda news agencies around the world run by the CIA. So you see you can't dance with me. I've been there. But No More. I couldn't live like a hypocrite anymore while I worked for the government and I must try and be better than that while I still have my soul left. It took me almost 7 years to get rid of that PTSD. How long will it take you?

All of this is tied to the fact that your government keeps you busy in dumb things while they fuck the world. But guess what. Now they will come to fuck you over too because the sheep is ready for the shear.

First it starts by mass incarceration, then, when people like you don't care, they start locking up the innocent. Because a good prison in America is the one that is full, with maximum number of beds filled.

So how does it feel to celebrate your fake bloody thanksgiving and your other fake holidays? Until you run back to your loving employments. And that you do because of your slavery to money. Not because you enjoy your shitty work places or the dumb work that you do with no real benefit to the mankind.

Can you tell me one thing that man created in the past, either structures or other man-made stuff that have survived so far? Except, my middle finger! So what makes you think that you or your things will last?

Now maybe you will see how your own government, that started by fucking the world first, has now finally fucked you over as well. You cant see it? Really? Oh, because like I said, you are fucked! So how can you?

But how long will you keep the innocent imprisoned in America? And I’m talking to you, the people, not just the government. It's also because of your silence there is such an unjust government, it's because you pay for and keep thousands of innocent people behind bars tonight. It's the money that companies make. Despite the hundreds of “Non Profits” most of the innocent are not getting out. Their slogan is, we helped this guy get out now give me money. There goes your altruistic approach out of the fucking window.

Let's see who comes to help you when you loose everything that you are so proud of. You yourselves beg everyday but you do not help those who are begging for their freedoms despite being innocent.

Just as you eat your turkeys and exchange gifts and enjoy the life of this world and loving between yourselves, how long do you think you will stay alive to keep this lie going? Not for long for sure.

Ask your great grandfather if you are capable to ask him or if he is capable of answering to you.

“Thanksgiving”. “Happy Holidays”. “Black Fucking Friday”. What moronic statements coming from a dead society of killers, murderers, racists, hypocrites