David Thorne | FairPlay EP 19 S2 | Harmless Error. A Lifelong Damage

A “Harmless Error” for the State, and a “Lifelong Damage” to the Innocent.

February 11 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News |

When the woman you admire becomes the mother of your child, it’s just a very surreal moment.

Why would anyone want to throw all that away to oblivion? And just for a couple of hundred bucks?

If you are insane then I can understand it, but if you're ready to cut a check for one year of advance child support then you wouldn't want to brutally kill your child’s mother for the sake of a few hundred bucks in child support, even if it's in two months arrears, because of the red tape, not because you didn't have the money to pay, especially when you were no where near that crime scene with zero motives to kill anyone.

End result -

David Thorne

A "Harmless Error "of the State, but a "Lifelong Damage to the Innocent".

And no one really knows why.

In United States law, A Harmless Error is a ruling by a trial judge that, although mistaken, does not meet the burden for a losing party to reverse the original decision of the trier of fact on appeal, or to warrant a new trial.

In easy language. If you end up in prison due to the mistake or negligence of others, chances are you will never get out alive.

The damages caused by these kinds of archaic laws can completely devastate an innocent person's life, while the real killer remains out there. With such laws in effect how can one bring justice to the victim and the accused? What remedies are in place to correct the wrongs of the State and the Government?

The story of the wrongful conviction of David Thorne is not new and sadly not rare. The end result, of one of the oldest failed methodologies to falsely convict someone, is to simply use false eyewitness testimony.

Because of these archaic and savage practices against their own fellow citizens, David Thorne has been sitting in Ohio State prison for over 20 years for a crime he says he did not commit. First, they alleged David killed his son’s mother Yvonne Layne. When David showed up with a solid alibi, they switched and alleged that he convinced his friend Joe Wilkes to commit the murder for him, and when that didn't work they went with anything they could find to bury him. No other suspects were pursued despite having many. No DNA, no murder weapon, no finger prints, the shoe print present did not match David or Joe.

Most of his so called friends and those who claimed to support David in this fight for his innocence, freedom and exoneration, betrayed him, says David Thorne. With no choice left except to move forward, since the last two decades now, David continues to fight Goliath, and he has no plans of stopping.

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