How to Fight for the Innocent and the Wrongfully Incarcerated.

If you are faint of heart and stressed out easily then stop reading right here.

You are not cut out for this.

February 22, 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News |

There are over 2 million people in Prisons across the United States, and this is after a 500% increase in just 40 years, enough to build another country. There is no clear conclusive data available on how many of them are possibly innocent, some reports suggest it could be anywhere between 2 to 10% which means between 40 thousand to 200 thousand people, where even imprisoning 1 innocent person should be shameful for an entire society that claims to be fair and just. This doesn't include the family members who also suffer with them. The toll is immeasurable. People are left with fear, guesses, frustration and burnout.

The U.S. prison system is a game, a multi-billion dollar business and when was the last time you saw a business owner wanting to let go of his profits? So you would have to legally fight your way out of prison.

Most of these individuals get buried under the mountains of government red tape and archaic systems designed to make sure that the Innocent stay behind bars until they die or hand over the dead body to the family for burial because the dead body is of no use to the state anymore. They cant make money out of it.

This makes the struggle more fearful and daunting for the wrongfully incarcerated individuals and their families. Tensions rise high. Days turn into years. Complacency kicks in. Acceptance of the injustice overrides the idea of a tough battle ahead. Some feel the wrongly convicted may never get out, so they turn to console their loved ones and give up their own struggle while some choose to continue the fight.

In the first two seasons of Justice News podcast on wrongful convictions FairPlay, most cases of innocence had a horizontally symmetrical structure, they had the common threads of the same injustices being repeated again and again - Prosecutorial Misconduct - False Testimony - State-sanctioned discriminatory psychological torture by and within the criminal justice system, run by flawed science,

to ensure people don't get out, ever, or at least not so easily. And most never do. They die there.

So what do you do now? If you have someone that you care about who is wrongfully incarcerated and they are innocent, but the state convicted them for crimes they did not commit, and you have the evidence to prove their innocence and yet they are not free or exonerated? What do you do then, and where do you go from here?

Before jumping into this courageous act of helping an innocent person you need to understand that it takes a lot of hard work, discipline, strategy, courage, knowledge, persistence, consistency, time, patience, tactics and the ability to handle stressful people and stressful situations at all times with facts and evidence despite what is the temperature of your heart. If you are full of your pride and your vanity rules you or you are just plain lazy hoping someone else will pick up the fight for you then go back to scrolling TikTok videos.

For those who are serious enough to put in their time, their effort, and take initiatives to get things done, to move an inch forward every day and not always complain, or be stressed out themselves and thus stressing out others. Those are the ones ready to take the punches and also punch back when needed.

If you worry about how people behave with you or speak with you then you lose focus of the fight, that your loved one is sleeping alone in a dark, damp, disgusting U.S. prison cell tonight, while being innocent.

What is the right path to take to help free someone who is wrongfully incarcerated? Is there a plan of action? A straight line to follow?

If you ever came across wrongful convictions then you know the U.S. Department of Justice has failed you, you know about jumping confusing hoops and getting frustrated and unmotivated and overwhelmed because you're not getting anywhere in your fight to free the innocent, stuck within the chains of a criminal justice system that shocks your common sense.

Are you not getting burned out, or are you already there?

We did, we got burned out bad until we realized there is no other way and no need to reinvent the wheel to fight Injustice but to use the existing Wheels of Justice and defeat this inhumane mean machine called

the Prison System organized by an Unjust Criminal legal system.

You need an Innocence Campaign Strategy. Download Free Captives Innocence Campaign Strategies from Justice News and learn the ways to legally and publicly fight for the innocent.

A good strategy and proper execution can help you take the case to a possible victory, to potential freedom, and to eventual exoneration, if you are willing to put up a hard fight, not by tweeting, or posting Facebook posts from your couch but by getting up and creating ground-swell events and activities that put the officials on notice. If you don't do that, then understand that the system will not just let them walk.