Justice For Julius Jones and Paul Howell

Justice News Appeals to Governor Stitt of Oklahoma to show Compassion and Mercy in the light of clear evidence of innocence for Julius Jones sitting on death row and to open a new trial instead of killing him.

November 17 2021 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News.

Good day Governor Stitt. I urge you today with utmost seriousness to kindly accept the recommendation of your Pardon and Parole Board and grant Julius Jones a commuted sentence of life with the possibility of parole instead of choosing the death penalty for him because after this final act you will burry all the evidence and case history of what really happened to Mr. Paul Howell.

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I implore you to look into your own heart and picture yourself there being Julius sitting alone in a prison cell waiting to be murdered, or picture your own son who can be in such a situation because our justice system is rigged to the core and it can happen to you, then would you ask someone to pardon you or your own son knowing in your soul that you or him are innocent? So give Julius a new trial instead of ending his life.

Julius deserves to be home with his family after over 20 years on death row wrongfully. He should not be murdered by the state of Oklahoma for a crime another person has confessed to.

Christopher Jordan co-defendant

By all accounts, Julius was at home with his family at the time of the murder eating dinner and playing games. Yet, he has sat on death row for 20+ years for a crime he had nothing to do with and has held on to his innocence claims.

He is a son, a brother, a friend, and has tens of thousands of supporters throughout the world, some of them being ranking celebrities. He has this because there is no question of his innocence. Now imagine if this was your own son, what would you do? The case needs to be re-examined in order to bring true justice for the victim Paul Howell and his family and to also look at the role of Christopher Jordan, Julius Jones’ co-defendant who received a much lighter sentence and was released from prison earlier than expected.

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I am asking you today to reconsider all of the evidence presented by Julius' team at the clemency hearing on November 1st. His story proves there is overwhelming doubt in his original conviction, given that he has a credible alibi and multiple people have come forward saying that another man confessed to the murder.

If all this turns out to be the truth and you go ahead with the execution then it would be a tremendous tragedy to execute an innocent man, allowing the possible actual killer run free and tarnish the true values of Justice and the reputation of Oklahoma.

Make yourself, your state, your people and the country proud by doing the right thing. The best outcome in this for all parties is to stop this execution and order a new fair trial so the truth can finally come out. Sincerely Imran Siddiqui | JusticeNews

| Imran Siddiqui is the managing editor at Justice News and the author of the JBlog.

Email him - imran@jnews.network or Catch his podcast FairPlay on j107 Justice Radio

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