Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Mey Rahungi, I Will Remain, is a short film based on the empowerment of women and their strength to confront anything in life that comes their way no matter how hard or difficult it is.

Written and Directed by Shamoon Abbasi

Produced by Sherry shah

An internationally acclaimed short film Mey Rahungi is a project that elevates the spectacular braveness in women living in Pakistan and around the world.

A thriller based on the web series #6DAPAK


The greed for money is not only destructive but once it begins it's unstoppable until you get consumed by it completely. This is a story about one such couple where one spouse will literally show the other one, what "until death do us part", really means.


Why would you marry someone and then try to get them killed?

Here’s probably why:

You are an asshole

Your passion is to screw people over

You are very good at pretending

You are full of hypocrisy

You plan how to hurt your loved ones

Don't feel guilty about it, is your motto

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Mey Rahungi Trailer

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Director Shamoon Abbasi

Pakistani actor and director who is known for portraying villainary roles. Abbasi has won the Bronze award for "Best Telefilm" at the 2011 Hum TV Telefilm Festival Awards, in recognition of Daag Hai Mere Naam Pe Abbasi has directed adventure shows such as the Indonesian game show Morven Gold Aventure Bali, Sunsilk 21st Century Woman of Pakistan, Rescue 15 (a show based on a police department), and reality shows including Saaye, which is based on paranormal activities.

He was selected by the viewers in the program Express Acting Challenge, an acting contest in Pakistan where he was a finalist. He is also a strategist for corporate company-based documentaries and in-house videos. He later featured Humayun Saeed in his action series Karoron Ka Admi and in 2013 he appeared in the serial Nanhi.

Under the name Masshu, Abbasi became notable in 1999 for his serial Kashish, performing as a comic sweet character. In 2011, he starred in two Pakistani films, Bhai Log and Waar, produced by Mindworks and directed by Bilal Lashari.

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