Michael Smith | FairPlay EP24 S2 | The Case With No Indictment

No Evidence No Intent No Indictment. Yet A Decade of Wrongful Conviction.

June 19, 2022 | Imran Siddiqui | Justice News |

This was the first message I received on Twitter from Michael Smith of Kentucky on Jan 3 2022.

Lexington Kentucky fraud on the court case number 3:08-cr-31(Jmh) denied due process malicious prosecution fraud-The federal grand jury declined to indict YET WE had a five 5 week trial and spent nine years in federal prison wrongful conviction miscarriage of justice malicious fraud by Kentucky bar members

Then on April 30th I received sequences of Tweets containing messages like these.

All was malicious prosecution, malicious fraud on court - malicious civil rights violation. malicious injustice. -Malicious politics by political leaders
I have typed on Twitter 7000 times wrong full conviction miscarriage of justice actual innocent no crime no indictment malicious prosecution fraud-Fraud on the court case number 3:08-Cr-31(Jmh). Lexington Kentucky-malicious abusing of political power on a East Kentucky family

On May 10 2022, after almost 4 months, which was wrong, but this was my response to Michael.

Good morning. Typing it a million times won't do anything until you stand up and raise your voice and both your fists.

I wanted to add more to the fists part, like where to take them, because the deeper I dug into his case the more nauseating it got. It is a case unlike what you see or hear about everyday. The case has never had an actual indictment, or if anyone has really seen one, and yet Michael spent over a decade in Prison for something he maintains he did not do. In fact they put him in prison, just to put him in prison, even they don't really know why they put him in prison.

On the same day, May 10 2022, Michal sent a few more messages including this one.

It’s 1 in 10 million very rare and many involved will be held accountable and it will change the system across the USA

On May 11 2022 I responded with this message.

All it takes is One, and then the game is over.

He asked

What do ya mean

I said.

If and when God wishes, He only uses one or two people to tip the imbalance of Injustice.

Michael Smith replied with this.

But just 1 district federal judge can be used by GOD to vacate my case 3:08-cr-31(Jmh)

The rest is in the podcast.

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