Temujin Kensu's Case With All The Integrity Has Been Closed by Michigan Conviction No-Integrity Unit

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Director, Conviction Integrity Unit Valerie Newman and the entire Judicial System in Michigan has utterly failed in giving justice to an innocent man even after 4 decades.

May 18, 2022 | Paula Kensu | Justice News |

Dear Val

In response to the denial letter (attached):

1) This is not in the slightest, the "standard" that the State of Michigan Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) claimed it would be using in its determinations. It's not what is described in the Eligibility section on the attached ORIGINAL CIU application. It contradicts Director Robyn Frankel's own statement on July 1, 2019 in LegalNews.com, and it contradicts her email to Dave Sanders dated August 11, 2020 written at 12:51 pm. It also is not what was discussed with you and Pat Little in Temujin's MDOC recorded interview. We see that the michigan.gov website has been changed with your "new evidence" definition, but the aforementioned records should be sufficient to prove the deliberate nature of this duplicitous action intended to deny Temujin Kensu freedom from his wrongful conviction/life sentence for a murder that absolutely everybody knows he did not commit.

In fact, the "standard" you outlined in the Denial letter is identical to the present court standard virtually making the whole unit moot and a continuation of the present "leading the nation in wrongful convictions" system we already have, thus condemning hundreds if not thousands of other innocents. 2) Surely Ms. Nessel knows that anything that comes out of the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) will now be scrutinized against what was done in Temujin's case and we all know that no case is as bad as this one, nor were the few that your CIU acted upon. 3) We and others were continuously told as late as last week that "there is an open and ongoing investigation". That of course was clearly a LIE directly from the Attorney General's office. . 4) I see that no one (including you) is denying Temujin's actual and complete innocence nor could any honest person do so. Does the Attorney General then feel that she has no sworn, ethical, moral or legal duty to protect and defend a completely innocent and wrongfully convicted individual? Was this CIU nothing more than a political stunt? It's clearly not about justice. 5) I do not want to believe that you would permit an innocent man to die in prison for a crime he did not and could not have committed. Are you really going to stand silent as this travesty of justice takes place? Please help me believe you are better than this Val. 6) The numerous people who have contacted the AG's office in the past will multiply and they will be asking the AG's office to justify this. Why would anyone be so arrogant and foolish to think that this would be accepted or acceptable to those watching and waiting for Justice for Temujin?

Paula Randolph nee Kensu


Paula and Temujin Kensu
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Response to CIU From Proving Innocence on the Decision of Temujin Kensu Case.

CIU Denial
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Conviction Integrity Unit Application - blank
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Letter to Nessel from Proving Innocence
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