Updated: Dec 14, 2018

A criminal fixer tries to escape his past but soon discovers the similarities between the literal prison he just left and a figurative one – the prison of the outside world.

Directed by Jeff Musillo

Produced by Colin Lepore

Forced to settle the contract with his boss, the one who helped him escape from behind bars, our protagonist navigates throughout Manhattan with a lighter, a pistol, and possible hallucinations.

The longer he exists in the outside world, the more he understands what it means to be truly incarcerated. He craves another way. A way out. He craves real freedom.

To find this freedom our protagonist has no other choice but to jump into becoming someone else. He must permanently alter his life.

Director Jeff Musillo

Jeff Musillo is the author of The Ease of Access (2013) Can you See That Sound (The Operating System, 2014) Snapshot Americana (Roundfire Books, 2014) The Eternal Echo (Strawberry Books, 2016) The Charming Swindler (Michelkin Books, 2016) Small Boy, Big Dreams (Michelkin Books, 2017), and Three of a Kind (Michelkin Books, 2017).

His paintings have been commissioned for buildings throughout New York as well as exhibited in shows and magazines in both the U.S. and Europe. His work in film, as a screenwriter, director, and actor, has premiered at many film festivals.

Jeff @ IMDB

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