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Justice News has teamed up with Tricia Jo Santmyer, a top legal defense consultant based out of the Washington D.C. area, so we can design creative ways for you to find help in navigating the United States Justice System, no matter how they stack up the odds against you.

Tricia brings over three decades of professional legal and paralegal experience to the Justice Cause, because she is a Justice Warrior herself and she's not afraid to stand up for the truth and fight for the freedom and exoneration of the innocent.

Ms. Santmyer works with fearless defense attorneys and seasoned private investigators and understands how to find your way through the maze of the U.S. criminal justice system. Tricia is a team player and she applies a collaborative approach to make the system work to your advantage using facts, evidence, research, science, in depth investigations and a persistent pursuit of the rule of law that seeks Justice.

Discover how Tricia and her team can play a major role with you in helping to exonerate or freeing innocent individuals from their wrongful convictions and bring them back home, just in time for dinner.

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